Adam Copeland delivers his first promo on AEW

The “Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland delivered his first promo on tonight’s AEW Dynamite Anniversary show as they celebrate four years as a company.

Copeland made his surprise debut at WrestleDream, and said that tonight, he would be “delivering the mission statement” for what his time in AEW will be.

In the ring, Tony Schiavone introduced Copeland, where he expressed his deep respect for Schiavone, considering his voice to be the soundtrack of his childhood. Copeland recalled how he was once told he would never wrestle again. Yet here he stood in 2023, inside an AEW ring, with aspirations of claiming the AEW World Title and engaging in numerous matchups, including potential clashes with Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega, Miro, Powerhouse Hobbs, Jay White, and Juice Robinson.

The driving force behind signing with AEW, Copeland said, was a conversation he had with his family. He had contemplated retirement, but his daughter encouraged him to go and have fun with “Uncle Jay.” He then invited Christian Cage to join him in the ring.

Copeland reminisced about their 40-year friendship, saying that it was their shared passion for professional wrestling that initially brought them together. He acknowledged that Cage might be puzzled by his actions at WrestleDream and explained that he couldn’t stand by as Cage performed a Con-Chair-To on Sting, someone Cage had idolized when he was young.

Copeland also predicted that Nick Wayne and Luchasaurus would eventually take him down. For the first time in over two decades, Copeland and Cage were ready to team up again and show a new generation why they are considered one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history. Copeland expressed his wish to end their careers as a tag team.

Taking the microphone, Cage hugged Copeland and said, “Go Fuck Yourself” before exiting the ring. As Cage soaked in the boos from the crowd on the ramp, he reminded Copeland of the challenges awaiting him next week on Dynamite. Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne then made their way to the stage, ending the show.

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