Adam Copeland retains the TNT Title, Gangrel Appears at AEW Double or Nothing

The AEW TNT Championship match between Adam Copeland and Malakai Black in a barbed wire steel cage was intensely violent. Black was quickly bloodied, and Copeland soon followed. Black used a barbed wire bat on Copeland and powerbombed him through a table. Copeland escalated the brutality by strapping Black to a table with barbed wire and delivering a high elbow drop from the top of the cage. Despite this, the match continued, with Black attempting to impale Copeland with part of the cage and kicking him through the door.

The action spilled outside the cage, and House of Black members Brody King and Buddy Matthews intervened, initially teasing a betrayal before attacking Copeland. They wrapped Copeland in barbed wire and placed a barbed wire crown on his head. Suddenly, Gangrel emerged from the mat, attacking King and Matthews with impaler DDTs. Copeland then trapped Black in a barbed wire-assisted cross-face, causing Black to pass out, thus retaining his championship.

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