AEW Named to Fast Company’s Second Annual “Brands That Matter” List

Fast Company today announced that All Elite Wrestling has been named in its second annual ‘Brands That Matter’ list.

The list honors companies providing compelling reasons for people to care about them and offering inspiration for others to buy in.

Read the Press Release below:

Oct. 25, 2022 – Fast Company announced today that All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was named in its second annual Brands That Matter list, honoring brands that communicate and demonstrate brand purpose. The award honors companies and nonprofits that have achieved relevance through cultural impact and social engagement, and authentically communicated their missions and ideals.

AEW was honored among 145 companies, including large multinational conglomerates, startups and nonprofits that give people compelling reasons to care about them, offer inspiration for others to buy in. All 145 have found an ability to forge an emotional connection with customers, whether leading on the environment or pop culture, engaging B2B customers, or responding meaningfully to current events.

“This year, we’ve expanded the Brands That Matter program to evaluate honorees in the context of how they matter within the category in which they compete for people’s attention or loyalty. The result is a wide-ranging list of honorees that are making their mark on culture, and through social impact,” said Brendan Vaughan, Fast Company’s editor-in-chief.

“The distinction of being a brand that matters perfectly describes the rise of AEW in 2022,” said Tony Khan, CEO, GM and Head of Creative of AEW. “For the first time in more than two decades, professional wrestling fans have a legitimate, competitive alternative to mainstream wrestling, and we’re not only reviving the interest of lapsed fans, but also generating the fans of tomorrow with a world-class roster of incredible athletes and creative minds. This is an award earned by every wrestler on the roster, every producer and coach, everyone backstage making our shows run seamlessly, every fan in the arenas and every viewer watching around the world.”



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