AJ Styles Brands Cody Rhodes as a Quitter Across NJPW, ROH, and AEW

Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles’ rivalry escalated into a deeply personal conflict, highlighted by Styles’ remarks on SmackDown before their upcoming Undisputed WWE Championship match at Clash at the Castle.

Styles criticized Rhodes for quitting multiple wrestling organizations when faced with challenges, including WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and AEW. He accused Rhodes of lacking the resilience needed in the wrestling world.

Styles said: “Nobody wants the truth, here’s the truth you bunch of idiots. They welcomed you with open arms. They couldn’t wait to make Cody Rhodes a star, but when it got tough, what did you do Cody? You quit the WWE,” Styles said. After boos from the crowd, Styles continued, saying, “Oh you didn’t like that? I got news for ya, he also quit New Japan Pro Wrestling. Doesn’t stop there. You quit Ring of Honor. This man, right here, helped start up a company and you quit it too. Face it Cody. You can’t handle the pressure. What’s that old saying, when the going gets tough, Cody Rhodes gets going.”

In response, Rhodes defended his career choices, saying that leaving various organizations was a form of betting on himself and striving for greater achievements, not quitting. He emphasized his current status as WWE Champion as proof of his success. The heated exchange set the stage for their showdown at Clash at the Castle.

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