Asuka Presented With New WWE Women’s Championship

Before Smackdown, the WWE announced that Asuka will be presented with a new WWE Women’s Championship title belt. Though she’s currently the Raw Women’s Champion, Asuka is a member of the SmackDown roster.

Later in the show, Adam Pearce presented Asuka with the WWE Women’s Championship. While Pearce was in the midst of fastening the belt around Asuka’s waist, the sound of Charlotte Flair’s entrance music filled the arena, signaling her arrival. Charlotte gracefully made her way toward the ring, prompting an enthusiastic response from the crowd. She seized a microphone, and as Pearce attempted to inquire about her presence, his voice was swiftly overshadowed by the resounding “Wooooo!” chants from the energized audience.

Pearce said that Charlotte needs to join the line like everyone else. In response, Charlotte confidently declared that she doesn’t wait in line; rather, she creates the very line others follow. Expressing her desire for Asuka’s WWE Women’s Championship, Charlotte boldly issued a challenge. Asuka, undaunted, accepted the gauntlet thrown by Charlotte. As the tension mounted, Asuka attempted to execute her signature mist attack, but Charlotte swiftly evaded, instead delivering a forceful kick to Asuka’s head. The impact sent Asuka sprawling outside the ring, bringing the segment to a dramatic conclusion.

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