Austin Theory wins Men’s Elimination Chamber match thanks to Logan Paul

Austin Theory’s United States championship will be up for grabs in the Men’s Elimination Chamber match against Seth Rollins, Johnny Gargano, Bronson Reed, Damian Priest and Montez Ford.

Seth Rollins and Johnny Gargano kick off the action in the men’s Elimination Chamber match for Austin Theory’s U.S. title.

The champion, Austin Theory, entered the match against two of his former rivals, Gargano and Rollins. Theory tried to evade Rollins and Gargano by returning to his pod, but they locked him in and pummeled him. Damian Priest then entered the fray. Reed was the next man in, leaving Ford to wait for his chance to join the match as the final entrant.

Reed put both Rollins and Gargano on his shoulders before hitting a double Samoan drop for a near-fall on Rollins. Reed continued to run wild until Ford was able to enter and quickly hit Reed with a big punch and kick. Rollins and Gargano then nearly eliminated Reed with an assisted poisonrana but Reed was able to kick out.

Ford then climbed the side of the chamber, hung from the top and dropped onto the rest of the field.

All four take turns out planting Reed with their finishers, and a Rollins stomp. All of that was followed by a Ford frog splash to eliminate Reed. First elimination of the match. Rollins then attempted to power bomb Gargano off the top of a pod but Gargano reversed into a hurricanrana that sent both men flying onto the other three remaining competitors.

Gargano was then eliminated following a Razor’s Edge from Damian Priest. Moments later, a Doomsday Device Blockbuster of sorts from Rollins and Ford eliminates Damian Priest. Austin Theory, Seth Rollins and Montez Ford remain.

Rollins hit Ford with a stomp onto the platform outside the ring, allowing Theory to steal the pinfall to leave Rollins as the last challenger remaining.

Ford remained down after being eliminated, bringing several referees and officials to the ring and leaving the door to the Chamber open. This allowed Logan Paul to run in, hit Rollins with a Buckshot Lariat and a stomp. Paul’s interference allowed Theory to hit A-Town Down on Rollins to win the match and retain his title.

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