Bayley Retains Women’s Title at WWE Backlash

The triple threat match for the WWE Women’s Championship featuring Bayley, Naomi, and Tiffany Stratton was the second match on the card at the WWE Backlash France.

The match began with quick pin attempts from each competitor. The pace picked up when Stratton delivered a running stomp on Bayley during her pin attempt on Naomi. This isolated Stratton and Bayley momentarily until Naomi jumped back into the fray, tackling Stratton out of the ring, only to receive Stratton’s back handspring elbow.

The action escalated with Bayley’s suicide dive and Naomi’s impressive blockbuster from the barricade. Naomi nearly secured the win with a moonsault on Stratton and again with a powerbomb. Bayley also came close after executing a top-rope elbow and her signature Bayley-to-Belly. H

owever, Stratton fought back, sending Bayley into the ring post. The brawl spilled outside where Stratton dominated until Naomi and Bayley combined forces to execute a 3-D on Stratton, effectively removing her from contention. The match culminated with Bayley reversing Naomi’s pin attempt to claim victory.

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