Becky Lynch beats Bianca Belair to retain the RAW Women’s Championship

Becky Lynch has successfully retained her Raw Women’s Championship when she beat Bianca Belair in the opening match of tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

At the end of the match, Bianca goes to hit the KOD but Becky counters. Becky manages to slam Bianca’s face into an exposed turnbuckle and holds onto the tights to get the win.

Since Becky won the Raw women’s championship from Bianca Belair in just 26 seconds at SummerSlam, Lynch has done everything she can to avoid a fair one-on-one title rematch.

At Extreme Rules, Becky won when Sasha Banks interfered. Belair got another shot at the belt at Crown Jewel as part of a triple threat match and ended without her getting pinned, meaning that Becky has not scored a win directly over Belair since SummerSlam, until tonight.

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