Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Shotzi, and Bianca Belair win at WWE Survivor Series 2023

Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair & Shotzi def. Damage CTRL via pinfall.

The match kicked off with Becky Lynch and Bayley going head-to-head. The two brawled for a bit before Bayley tossed Lynch into the cage and then suplexed her onto the metal plate between the two rings.

Lynch regained control by smashing Bayley into the cage with a series of dropkicks. Lynch locked in the Dis-Arm-Her submission hold, but Dakota Kai interfered by poking her with a kendo stick through the cage. Bayley took advantage of this and hit Lynch several times with the kendo stick. Shotzi then entered the match and threw a trash can and several chairs into the ring before taking the fight to Bayley. After watching Shotzi and Lynch work over Bayley, IYO SKY was the next woman in, bringing a chain to the ring to attack her opponents. The action continued as the four women brawled around the ring and through the cages.

Sky and Bayley brought the fight to Lynch, putting her down with a tandem superplex before turning their attention to Shotzi. The momentum continued to swing every time a new entrant joined the fray, with Sane up next for Damage CTRL and Flair as the final entrant for her team.

The first true highlight moment of the match came when Sky was given a trash can by Kai. She then put the can over her head and torso and dove from the top of the cage onto everyone below seconds before Asuka entered, officially starting the match and bringing in four kendo sticks, a table and a fire extinguisher.

Later in the match, Asuka quickly misted Shotzi in the eyes before dropkicking Lynch, who had been put inside a trash can, from the top rope. After a period of dominance by Damage CTRL, the faces fought back, leading to Flair moonsaulting from the top of the cage onto all four members of Damage CTRL.

Shortly after, Lynch and Flair stared each other down before hugging and hyping each other up. A flurry of near-falls for both teams followed, with bodies flying all over the two rings. Asuka ended up missing a second mist on Shotzi, allowing Belair to blast Asuka with the fire extinguisher. Bayley shoved Sane out of the way of a spear, taking the move herself. Bayley was then hit with a series of big moves, culminating in Lynch hitting a Manhandle Slam from the second rope through a table to pin Bayley and win the match.

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