Becky Lynch defeats Liv Morgan at WWE Day One

Becky Lynch defended her Raw Women’s Championship against Liv Morgan at WWE Day One.

Morgan went right at the champion, trapping Lynch in the corner and landing a knee before stomping her into the ground. Morgan went for a dive through the ropes and Lynch countered with a kick to the face.

Later in the match, Morgan nearly scored the win with a sunset flip powerbomb. Lynch then countered an inside cradle and she hit a face slam. Morgan got a measure of revenge on Lynch for past assaults when she trapped Lynch’s arm in the ring steps and landed several stomps.

This set up a Rings of Saturn, but Lynch countered with a pin attempt. Seconds later, Morgan tried to hit Oblivian but Lynch countered into a Manhandle Slam for the pin.

At the end of the match, Morgan hit Becky with a codebreaker off the top rope. Morgan then locked in a submission but Lynch managed to break free. Lynch then countered the Oblivion into the Man Handle Slam to retain the title.

The final counter into the Manhandle Slam was far from smooth, as was the fact that Lynch was clearly supposed to win by having her feet on the ropes but couldn’t manage to reach.

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