Becky Lynch Returns at SummerSlam to Win SmackDown Women’s Title

Sasha Banks was not expected to wrestle SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair at WWE SummerSlam. Although, only after a full video package for Bianca Belair vs. Sasha Banks match, was it officially announced that Banks was not able to compete and that Belair would be facing Carmella.

The reason given by WWE for Bank’s absence was that she was out due to “unforeseen circumstances.” Belair said that she will see Banks “sooner or later” but for now she was going to take out her frustrations on Carmella.

After Carmella got in the ring, Becky Lynch’s music hit and she walked out to the ring. This is Lynch’s first appearance on WWE TV since she left to have a baby in April of 2020.

Lynch took out Carmella and challenged Belair for a title match, which was Belair quickly accepted.

Lynch extended her hand for a handshake, delivered a forearm and a uranage suplex to score the win in 20 seconds.


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