Becky Lynch’s WWE contract expires, making her a free agent

Becky Lynch has officially become a free agent as of June 1, 2024. Her contract with WWE expired without a new deal being signed, ending weeks of speculation about her future. Reports had indicated that her contract was nearing its end without any extension or renewal in place.

Lynch, a seven-time Women’s Champion and a key figure in WWE’s women’s division, is now free to explore opportunities outside WWE. Despite this, those within WWE believe Lynch won’t immediately sign with another company, though she is likely to receive significant offers from other promotions. WWE has expressed a desire to continue working with her, and there is an understanding that she plans to take some time off before deciding on her future.

Lynch’s free agency follows a successful tenure in WWE, highlighted by her historic headlining of WWE WrestleMania 35 and multiple championship reigns. Her decision not to renew her contract immediately has generated considerable interest across the wrestling industry, with many expecting her to receive some of the largest contract offers in the history of women’s wrestling.

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