Big E shares an update on his recovery from a broken neck

On the March 11 episode of SmackDown, Big E landed awkwardly after receiving a belly-to-belly suplex from Ridge Holland and fractured his C1 vertebra and C6 vertebra.

In an interview with These Urban Times, Big E spoke about his recovery and revealed that he will find out more about his return to the WWE in March 2023:

“I have to get some more scans at the one-year mark in March, and then we’ll see how everything’s looking, but we’ll see from there,” Big E said. “My C1 is broken in two spots, so I obviously would be very smart about that. I was very fortunate, so I just want to make sure I’m making the best decision for myself, so we’ll see in March.”

It’s still unclear at this point if Big E will be able to wrestle again. A member of the New Day, Big E is one of the top stars in WWE and is a triple crown (WWE title, intercontinental title and tag-team titles) winner.

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