Bobby Lashley beats Drew McIntyre at Hell in a Cell

Bobby Lashley put his WWE Championship on the line against Drew McIntyre inside the Hell in a Cell. If McIntyre does not win, he can not get another title shot against Lashley.

The match started quickly with Lashley trying to pull something from under the ring but McIntyre followed, driving Lashley’s face into the Cell before slamming him into the wall. McIntyre tried to use the steel steps but Lashley kicked him in the gut and he took over on offense at ringside but Lashley came back by picking up and tossing Lashley into the cell.

The two big men continued to attack each other outside the ring. As McIntyre set up a table, MVP slid his cane through the Cell, allowing Lashley to get the upper hand once again. After being rammed into the cage and the ring post several times by Lashley, McIntyre came back with his own version of Sheamus’ White Noise on the ring steps.

Back in the ring, McIntyre launched Lashley across the ring with a belly to belly suplex. He continued his dominant stretch before grabbing several chairs and throwing them into the ring, delivering a face-first slam to Lashley onto one of them.

Lashley fought back, using the ring steps to ram McIntyre into the Cell wall over and over.  MVP helped trap McIntyre in the corner by sliding a kendo stick through the chain link.

Back in the ring, Lashley brought McIntyre back into the ring and set up a chair before driving McIntyre into it with a pair of flatliners. McIntyre tried to fight back but he took a thumb to the eye and then he was knocked into referee Chad Patton. McIntyre hit the Future Shock but the referee was knocked to the outside of the ring.

McIntyre demanded a new referee enter the Cell before laying Lashley out with a Claymore. A second ref came in to count after McIntyre hit the Claymore but MVP pulled the ref out of the ring. MVP then found himself locked inside the Cell and on the receiving end of a McIntyre attack. McIntyre hit MVP with the Claymore but Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock at ringside. McIntyre drove himself and Lashley back through a table to break up the hold.

At the end of the match, McIntyre countered a spear from Lashley and went for a Claymore only to have MVP grab his leg. This gave Lashley the opportunity for a roll-up to steal the win.

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