Booker T’s Radio Show to Launch Nationally on ESPN Radio

Booker T and Brad Gilmore are set to bring their popular radio show, “The Hall of Fame,” to a national audience on ESPN Radio. Starting this Saturday at 10pm ET, the show will debut with live coverage of UFC 303. The show, known for its engaging blend of wrestling, MMA, and pro sports, has captivated listeners for the past eight years.

Booker T, a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, expressed his excitement about joining ESPN Radio, highlighting the opportunity to connect with a larger audience. Reflecting on their journey, Booker shared how the show reminds him of his wrestling career, emphasizing preparation, hard work, and entertainment.

“We’re thrilled to connect with an even larger audience,” said Booker, who is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer. “We’re honored to be part of ESPN Radio.”

The partnership between Booker and Gilmore began in 2015, but their connection dates back to when Gilmore was an 18-year-old student at Booker’s Reality of Wrestling promotion. Despite a rocky start, their chemistry quickly solidified, leading to their successful collaboration on radio.

“Our Hall of Fame show reminds me a lot of my wrestling career,” said Booker. “We take a lot of pride in preparing and working hard, and we also know how to have fun. That’s why I say it’s like my days wrestling–I had a lot of matches I’m really proud of, and the one that is remembered most is when I brawled with Steve Austin in a grocery store. You need to entertain people and give them an experience, and that’s what we do.”

Gilmore, also an author and TV personality, spoke about the uniqueness of their radio style and the special bond they share with their audience. The transition to ESPN Radio allows them to reach a broader audience and enhance interaction with listeners nationwide.

Booker, with his extensive knowledge of pro wrestling, MMA, and various sports, sees this move as a continuation of his gratitude towards his supporters. He credits the fans for his career success and is eager to bring his signature style to ESPN Radio, promising an entertaining and interactive experience for all.

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