Bray Wyatt returns to the Firefly Funhouse

After LA Knight defeated a local competitor, Bray Wyatt’s “Firefly Fun House” theme song played and Ramblin’ Rabbit, Mercy the Buzzard, and Sister Abigail all appeared on screen. The puppets were then joined by Bray Wyatt, who was back in his familiar red sweater and khakis.

Wyatt said he was happy to be back and happy to have everyone else back too. Wyatt then went on to say that LA Knight should be scared of the dark, when the screen started breaking up with corrupted footage that showed Uncle Howdy.

Uncle Howdy said “I told ya so” and then he said, “All you needed was a little push.” He started laughing and then we were back in the Firefly Fun House, where Wyatt’s expression had completely changed from fun to serious.

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