Brock Lesnar Beats Up Cody Rhodes in Front of His Mom

Cody Rhodes issued a challenge to Brock Lesnar to come to the ring. However, Lesnar didn’t show up. Cody vowed to wait all night if necessary, inviting his mother to join him in the front row.

With conviction in his voice, Cody predicted hard times for Lesnar, but just as he was about to exit the ring, Lesnar’s entrance music began to play. Much to everyone’s surprise, Lesnar remained out of sight. Seemingly unphased, Cody started making his way up the ramp to the back.

Suddenly, Lesnar finally emerged, wielding a chair as he attacked Cody, relentlessly pummeling him down the aisle and outside the ring. Lesnar then delivered a brutal F5 on the floor, right before Cody’s horrified mother.

Lesnar then applied his signature Kimura lock, subjecting Cody to excruciating pain in front of his mother. Only after tossing Cody back into the ring did Lesnar release his grip.

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