Brock Lesnar defeats Bobby Lashley at WWE Crown Jewel

Brock Lesnar defeated Bobby Lashley at at WWE Crown Jewel.

The two opened the show and before the match even started, Lashley sent Lesnar into the steel steps injuring Lesnar’s knee.

Lesnar still favoring the knee was able to turn things around with German suplexes and an F5 but Lashley kicked out of the pin attempt.

Lashley turned the tables in his favor once again, sending Lesnar into the ring post on the outside. Lashley then delivered a spinebuster to Lesnar and locked in the Hurt Lock. Lesnar continued to fight his way out of the submission, and while still in the hold, kicked himself off the turnbuckle and landed on Lashley to score the win via pinfall.

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