Brock Lesnar Returns to SmackDown On 12/3

On a special Black Friday edition of SmackDown, Kayla Braxton opened the show by saying there were rumors of Brock Lesnar’s return, a statement that drew Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman out to the ring.

Heyman brushed off the Lesnar talk as just rumors, while Reigns ran through the locker room, calling them all “losers.” That sentiment, Reigns said, carried to Lesnar, also including him in the list of “losers.” Reigns then suggested that they could let three or four men win the battle royal to determine his next challenger and he’d run through them all.

After the conclusion of the main event, when Sami Zayn won the battle royal to earn a shot at Reigns, Braxton shared the news that Lesnar’s indefinite suspension has been lifted, so he’ll be back next Friday.

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