Cesaro attacked by Rollins in Smackdown main event

SmackDown began with Paul Heyman, boasting about Reigns’ win at WrestleMania over Edge and Daniel Bryan in what he called dominant fashion.

Reigns added that nobody in the SmackDown locker room actually wants to face him at all.

“And I took a page from your playbook. I Babe Ruthed it. I called my shot. And then, they acknowledge me,” Reigns said. “And let’s be honest, it’s embarrassing. They’re probably never going to put me in another triple threat match because of what I did. No one wants me to do that to them. These are Hall of Famers. Smashed them. Stacked them. Pinned them 1, 2, 3, and then these Hall of Famers acknowledge me in front of the whole damn world. Who’s going to want that next? Nobody. Don’t nobody want to put their reputation on the line for this. Nobody’s on my level.”

As Roman was set to leave the ring, Cesaro’s music hit. He went right up to Reigns and looked at his Championship, and then asked for a microphone. The Head of the Table, Reigns openly disrespected The Swiss Superstar by making his exit without saying a word.

Moments later, Cesaro spoke with WWE official Adam Pearce and asked for a match against Reigns later in the night.

Heyman was then interviewed backstage a short time and called Cesaro a “joke,” and revealed that Uso would face Cesaro in the main event. Cesaro later said that he belongs in the ring with Reigns and he’d prove it by beating Uso.

Cesaro and Uso had a very physical matchup. As Cesaro had Uso in the Cesaro Swing, Seth Rollins came out and attacked Cesaro. He screamed that Cesaro got “lucky” in their match at WrestleMania. Rollins also said that their feud wasn’t over until he decided that it was as SmackDown went off the air.

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