Charlotte Flair is the new Raw Women’s Champion

Rhea Ripley put her Raw Women’s Championship on the line against Charlotte Flair at  WWE Money In The Bank.

At the start of the match, Flair flipped off the fans when they chanted “we want Becky.” After the bell was rung both stars took a second to size each other up, with Ripley looking confident and Charlotte looking extremely focused.

Flair then started hot, knocking Ripley from the ring apron before hitting a t-bone suplex into the turnbuckle when the action returned to the ring.

Later in the match, Ripley tried a dropkick off the top but Flair caught her and put her in the Boston Crab but Ripley countered out, Flair tried toe figure four but Ripley countered out into a pin attempt.

Towards the end of the match, Flair hit Natural Selection from the top rope for a very convincing near fall, drawing a huge reaction from the crowd. Ripley missed a charge into the corner and Flair took her to the outside, sandwiching Ripley’s leg between the post and the ring steps before kicking repeatedly kicking the steps. With Ripley’s leg softened up, Flair locked in the Figure-Eight to force the tap and regain the championship.

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