Chris Jericho defeats Nick Gage on AEW Dynamite

Chris Jericho defeated Nick Gage in the main event of AEW Dynamite / Fight for the Fallen this week.

The bout was just as bloody as fans expected. Gage started the match with a pizza cutter in his hand and he sliced Jericho’s bicep with it. The two stars then went on to batter each other with light tubes, baseball bats and broken glass.

When the match was over MJF announced that the third stipulation that Jericho has to accomplish is that he needs to hit a top rope maneuver to win. MJF then announced that Jericho will face former WCW star and rival Juventud Guerrera.

Jericho took to Instagram following the show, and posted a picture of his face still covered in blood. He wrote “Much respect to [Nick Gage] – his is TOUGH AF!! But I’m INSANE…. I’ll see ya next week @juventudguerrera.”

Nick Gage

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