Chris Jericho Retains FTW Title with Assistance from Bryan Keith

The FTW Championship match featuring Chris Jericho, Hook, and Katsuyori Shibata under “FTW rules” quickly turned chaotic with no disqualifications. Jericho dumped a bag of dice on the mat, only to be repeatedly thrown onto them by his challengers, who also hurled dice at his head, much to the crowd’s delight. Hook and Shibata then turned on each other before all three wielded kendo sticks, with Jericho bearing the brunt of the blows. A table was introduced, and Shibata attempted a Death Valley driver on Hook onto Jericho, but the table didn’t break, though the move still looked brutal. Shibata then threw Jericho into the table and hit him with a dropkick.

Hook nearly reclaimed the title, but Big Bill interfered. Hook retaliated by suplexing Bill off the apron through a table. As the challengers nearly made Jericho submit with dual submissions, masked “Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith intervened, allowing Jericho to secure the pin amid the chaos and retain his title.

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