CJ Perry (Lana) Debuts at AEW All Out

The Miro took on Powerhouse Hobbs at AEW All Out pay-per-view event, from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

Miro won the match by executing a powerful spinebuster and then cinching in the Game Over submission hold, causing Hobbs to tap out.

After the match, both Miro and Hobbs showed good sportsmanship by shaking hands, but the situation took a turn when Hobbs launched a surprise attack on Miro, catching him off guard and attempting to choke him out.

Suddenly, Miro’s wife, CJ Perry (formerly known as Lana), made her debut. She entered the ring with a steel chair in hand and swung it at Hobbs, but he appeared unfazed and shrugged off the impact. However, this brief distraction allowed Miro to recover. He retaliated by delivering a chair shot to Hobbs, striking him in the back and on his head.

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