CM Punk quotes Kendrick Lamar to take shots at Drew McIntyre

CM Punk appeared on Monday Night Raw, and took verbal shots at Drew McIntyre while quoting Kendrick Lamar. Their rivalry, intensifying since January after McIntyre wished for Punk’s triceps injury, escalated when Punk cost McIntyre the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 40.

During the May 6 WWE RAW episode, McIntyre was scheduled to face Jey Uso in the King of the Ring tournament but couldn’t compete. Although pulled from the match, McIntyre disrupted Uso’s fight, which Uso still won. After McIntyre left the venue in anger, Punk arrived and threatened to disrupt the show until McIntyre returned, vowing to make his life miserable and hinting at a confrontation at WWE Clash at the Castle.

During this promo, Punk used the lyrics “He hates the way I look, he hates the way I walk, he hates the way I talk” to describe McIntyre’s hatred for him. This line is a direct quote from Kendrick Lamar’s diss track, which was originally aimed at fellow rapper Drake. By incorporating this quote, Punk not only aimed to ridicule McIntyre but also demonstrated a creative way to express his animosity towards him.

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