CM Punk retains ‘Real’ world title at AEW All In

The match between CM Punk, facing off against Samoa Joe for the “Real AEW World Heavyweight Championship” open the main show at AEW All In 2023 in the iconic Wembley Stadium in London, England.

As the match started, CM Punk aimed to leap over the top rope onto Samoa Joe, but Joe effortlessly sidestepped the attempt with his trademark stepping out of the way. Samoa Joe would then propelled Punk, sending him crashing through the lower front section of the announce table. This forceful impact caused Punk to bleed.

At the end of the match, Samoa Joe aimed to execute his Muscle Buster finisher, but Punk countered Joe’s move and connected with a roundhouse kick. Taking a page out of Hulk Hogan’s playbook, Punk mimicked the wrestling legend’s leg drop onto Joe, although Joe managed to kick out after just one count.

After regaining his composure, Samoa Joe paid tribute to Hogan by engaging in the famous “you” pointing gesture. Punk then paid homage to Terry Funk by attempting the Spinning Toe Hold, but Joe countered. CM Punk then bit Samoa Joe and hit the Pepsi Plunge for the victory.

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