CM Punk Returns to AEW, Says He’s The One True Bill In Business Of ‘Counterfeit Bucks’

The inaugural episode of AEW Saturday Collision began with a remarkable reception for CM Punk inside Chicago’s United Center. CM Punk made a grand entrance, with his wrestling boots draped around his neck and a mysterious red bag in hand.

However, in contrast to his initial debut in 2021, there was little opportunity to relish the moment. Without delay, Punk swiftly delved into his agenda. Asserting his ownership to the AEW Title, Punk said that it would remain his until someone truly defeated him for it.

Additionally, Punk expressed remorse for those who believed they deserved an apology, sarcastically remarking that the only individuals “more soft than they are, are their favorite wrestlers.” Punk went on to proclaim himself the “one true bill in an industry of counterfeit bucks.”

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