CM Punk slams critics of his Roe v. Wade support

CM Punk took to his Instagram Stories to slam users that were criticizing him after he posted a picture of himself wearing a blue T-shirt that showed a picture of a vagina with the message, “Get your own, then tell it what to do.”

Punk’s photo comes after a leaked Supreme Court report of a draft opinion that, if published, would overturn Roe v. Wade.

One person asked Punk, “Are you going to cry little bitch?” Punk responded, “A little bit, yeah.”

“For my wife, my sisters, for mothers and women who are helplessly watching their rights over their own bodies stripped away by elite, rich white, terrorist religious fascists. Being human means I cry when injustices masquerade as religious right. HER BODY, HER CHOICE.”

Another person praised Punk’s wrestling skills but bashed his politics. Punk’s response was short and sweet. “Unfollow me. We respect women here.”


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