CM Punk talks WWE Roster and AEW on WWE SmackDown

CM Punk took shots at his former workplace on WWE SmackDown.

After a decade-long absence, CM Punk returned to SmackDown on December 8. Promptly asserting his presence, Punk made it clear that he wouldn’t be relegated to the last segment of the show, ensuring his time on the microphone wouldn’t be shorten. During WWE Tribute to the Troops, Punk engaged the audience, posing the question of whether they would support his signing to Raw or SmackDown.

In addressing Roman Reigns, Punk acknowledged “The Tribal Chief” and reminded him of their history, saying that Paul Heyman was his wise man before aligning with Roman. Punk also hinted at participating in the Royal Rumble, expressing his determination to headline WrestleMania.

Punk also spoke about the Usos, giving a shoutout to Jey Uso and contemplating whether he should join him on Raw for some camaraderie or engage in a showdown with Jimmy on SmackDown.

While Punk touched on Seth Rollins without directly naming him, saying that Rollins wasn’t “the man” in his own household. Punk announced his intention to make the official decision between signing with SmackDown or Raw on the December 11 WWE Monday Night Raw in Cleveland.

Taking a moment to throw shade at AEW, Punk discussed Kevin Owens, and expresses reservations about working with Owens, citing concerns about Owens’ tendency to punch others backstage, “because it’s 2023, and you just can’t be doing that.”

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