CM Punk: Vince McMahon Doesn’t Fear AEW

CM Punk recently spoke with TMZ and was asked about AEW’s Chris Jericho appearing on Steve Austin’s “Broken Skull Sessions” interview show on WWE Network.

CM Punk believes the decision says more about how Vince McMahon views AEW than many people may realize.

“I think it’s interesting, for sure,” Punk said. “Obviously I understand the buzz. Maybe I’ll give it a shot and I’ll watch it, but it feels like it’s going to be softball questions. I don’t if they’re going to ask Jericho all the tough questions and nor do I think that they possibly should. It’s an interesting situation so it’ll probably be a feel good interview where they talk about Jericho’s past at WWE. I’m sure they’ll mention AEW, but they won’t get into the hard questions that I think a lot people will be interested in.”

“Honestly, my major reaction and opinion on it is I think that it shows Vince McMahon isn’t afraid of AEW at all because if he was, he wouldn’t allow that to happen,” Punk continued. “Because if he was, he wouldn’t allow that to happen. Anytime anybody is talking about you, it’s good. There will be people that don’t know AEW exists who will watch it and say, ‘Oh wow cool, I didn’t know that. I just thought Jericho was retired.’ There is also something to be said about keeping your guys special and the only place you can see this superstar is on my television show. But it’s a new age and both companies need all the eyeballs they can get at the moment. So kudos to everybody involved.”

CM Punk signed with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2005 and retired in 2014. He added many accomplishments to his considerable résumé, including the ECW, WWE (where his 434-day reign as WWE Champion stands as the sixth-longest in title history), World Heavyweight, World Tag Team and Intercontinental Championships.

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