Cody Rhodes defeats Brock Lesnar at WWE Backlash

Cody Rhodes was finally able to get his hands on Brock Lesnar at WWE Backlash after the former UFC champion turned on Rhodes, preventing him from getting his undisputed WWE universal title rematch against Roman Reigns.

Rhodes hit Lesnar with a suicide dive before the match even started and hit continued to hit Lesnar with anything he could get his hands on. Rhodes brought Lesnar to one knee with a pair of Disaster Kicks, but he went to the well one too many times. Rhodes was snatched out of the air when attempting a third consecutive kick and was chucked across the ring with a German suplex.

Later in the match Lesnar went face-first into an exposed turnbuckle, busting him wide open. Rhodes then hit him with a Disaster Kick and further opened the wound with closed fists to the forehead. Lesnar’s face was painted red.

Cody then hit Lesnar with two consecutive Cross Rhodes. Lesnar kicked out and snatched Rhodes’ momentum as he picked up his foe up into an F-5 for his own near fall. Lesnar then had Rhodes on the verge of submitting to a kimura lock, but Rhodes managed to post up and pin Lesnar’s shoulders to the mat for a three-count.

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