Cody Rhodes defeats Logan Paul at WWE King and Queen of the Ring

In the Undisputed WWE Championship match between Cody Rhodes (c) and Logan Paul, the match began with chain wrestling as Rhodes tried to outwrestle Paul, who held his own. The action quickly escalated with strikes and a front suplex by Rhodes. Paul performed a splits to avoid a cross-body and took Rhodes ringside, slamming him into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Paul dominated with punches and a near fall from an overbomb and standing moonsault. Rhodes retaliated with an armdrag from the top rope but faced continued attacks on his ribs.

Rhodes smashed a Prime bottle into Paul’s face, leading to a fan altercation and Paul receiving brass knuckles. Distracted by an argument with Michael Cole, Paul was attacked by Rhodes, who locked him in a figure-four leglock. After Paul escaped, a Cody Cutter nearly secured a victory for Rhodes. Paul countered with a Cross Rhodes, but Rhodes kicked out. Outside the ring, Paul attempted a pedigree on the commentary desk, which Rhodes avoided, hitting a Cody Cutter onto the table. Rhodes re-entered the ring, refusing to win by count-out, allowing Paul to recover and deliver a frog splash through the desk.

Back in the ring, Paul attempted another frog splash, which Rhodes kicked out of. Rhodes hit a vertebreaker, but the referee was incapacitated. Paul hit a low blow and prepared to use the brass knuckles, but the Saudi guest ring announcer intervened. This distraction allowed Rhodes to block the punch and hit Cross Rhodes for the victory.

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