Cody Rhodes retains the Undisputed WWE Championship at Backlash

In the main event of WWE Backlash France, Cody Rhodes made his first televised defense of his undisputed WWE championship, taking on AJ Styles in front of passionate fans in Lyon, France.

Styles and Rhodes kicked off with skilled mat wrestling before escalating to fierce exchanges of punches and chops. Styles’ knee strike to Rhodes’ midsection was met with a retaliatory gourdbuster, leading to a focused attack on Rhodes’ arm. The battle saw Rhodes send Styles into the ropes, leading to an outside brawl and a failed superplex attempt that floored both men. Recovering, Styles’ moonsault was countered by Rhodes’ powerslam and Disaster Kick.

Back in the ring, they traded strikes. Rhodes tried for a Cody Cutter, reversed by Styles, then countered back and forth until Styles executed a snap suplex. Styles’ springboard 450 splash almost ended the match, but Rhodes powered out, defiantly challenging Styles to intensify the fight. In a quick series of moves, Rhodes countered Styles’ Phenomenal Forearm with a superkick, then locked in a kimura. Breaking free, Styles fell victim to a top-rope Cody Cutter and the Cross Rhodes, allowing Rhodes to retain the title.

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