Damian Priest retains the World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Backlash

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest took on Jey Uso at the WWE Backlash France premium live event from LDLC Arena in Lyon-Decines, France.

Uso mocked Priest early on, encouraging the audience to join in his “yeet” chant. This provoked Priest into launching a fierce assault on Uso, driving him out of the ring and slamming him against the barricade. Priest then unleashed a series of heavy strikes, slowing the pace afterwards.

Uso retaliated with powerful shots and a crossbody that nearly secured a win. He followed up with a dive onto Priest outside the ring, but his momentum was cut short when JD McDonagh interfered, using the middle rope to incapacitate Uso. Instead of capitalizing, Priest confronted McDonagh, insisting he didn’t want assistance. Uso then superkicked McDonagh and overwhelmed Priest, executing an Uso Splash that almost won the match.

The two exchanged blows until Priest managed a Razor’s Edge, nearly pinning Uso. Soon after, Uso delivered a spear for another close call. As Uso climbed the top rope, Finn Balor interfered, momentarily distracting him. This allowed Priest to perform South of Heaven, nearly clinching the victory.

Priest attempted a series of spinning kicks but was interrupted by Uso’s barrage of superkicks and another spear followed by an Uso Splash. McDonagh intervened again, placing Priest’s foot on the rope to break the pin. Uso attacked McDonagh with a suicide dive and sprinted to spear Balor. Amidst the chaos, Priest executed South of Heaven from the middle rope, retaining his title. Post-match, Priest intervened as Balor and McDonagh were about to attack Uso, leaving them frustrated.

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