Daniel Bryan Has Reportedly Signed With AEW

Daniel Bryan (real name Bryan Danielson) left WWE in May, and Bodyslam.net is now reporting that Bryan is “locked in” with AEW and “has 100% already signed a contract with AEW”.

“In an update as to the future of Bryan Danielson (fka Daniel Bryan), a source I have spoken to has told me that he is ‘locked in’ and has 100% already signed a contract with AEW,” Haynes wrote. “In addition, I was told that Danielson was wanting to work less dates for comparable money, he wanted the ability to be able to work in Japan, and wanted to have creative input on his character, which he got.”

If this report turns out to be true, this is a huge signing for AEW. Tony Khan has hinted that the company has some big signings, and some of them aren’t even known about yet.

The news of Bryan comes after it was reported today that CM Punk is in talks with AEW regarding an in-ring return.

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