Darren ‘Droz’ Drozdov Has Passed Away

Former WWE star Darren Drozdov has passed away, he was 54. Drozdov died of natural causes, according to a statement from his family.

Drozdov’s journey into the world of wrestling began after his stint in the NFL. He made a name for himself on the independent circuit and eventually caught the attention of ECW, where he started competing. It wasn’t long before Drozdov’s talent earned him a coveted spot in the WWE, and in 1998, he made his debut with the company. One of the most memorable moments from his career was a scene in the documentary film Beyond the Mat, where Vince McMahon asked him to demonstrate his unique ability to regurgitate on command.

In WWE, Drozdov gained prominence as “Puke” and became associated with the popular tag team, the Legion of Doom. He later joined forces with Prince Albert and Key, further solidifying his presence on WWE TV. Unfortunately, Drozdov’s wrestling career came to a tragic halt during a WWE SmackDown taping on October 5. While in a match with D’Lo Brown, he suffered a career-ending injury when he landed awkwardly on a powerbomb.

The impact of the fall resulted in two fractured vertebrae in Drozdov’s neck, initially leaving him quadriplegic. However, he defied the odds and gradually regained movement in his arms. Despite the life-altering injury, Drozdov remained actively involved with WWE for several years, showcasing his resilience and dedication to the wrestling industry.

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