Dominik Mysterio Comments On NXT North American Title Win

During an NXT Digital Exclusive, Mysterio and Ripley shared their thoughts on Dominik’s NXT North American title win. Ripley confidently said that “Dirty Dom” would take over, as The Judgment Day continues to dominate WWE. After acknowledging Ripley’s compliments, Mysterio humbly pointed out that he currently boasts an undefeated record in NXT.

“Thank you Mami. You’re definitely correct about all that, and now that I can actually speak and not get interrupted by a bunch of deadbeats and has-beens or whatever’s out there, I am the new NXT North American Champion, and now that I think about it, I’m 2-0 here in NXT. Your boy ‘Dirty Dom’ is undefeated, and with the Judgment Day and Mami by my side, it looks like it’s gonna stay that way,” Mysterio said.

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