Dr. Britt Baker retains the AEW Women’s Championship at All Out

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD put her AEW Women’s World Championship on the line against Kris Statlander at AEW All Out in an absolute excellent match.

Statlander started the match by trying to use her strength advantage but, Baker cut off Statlander’s attack with a twisting neckbreaker as Statlander was seated on the top rope.

Baker attacked Statlander’s shoulder to wear her down but she fought back with back elbows and strikes and chops in the corner of the ring. Statlander missed the Area 451 splash and Baker tried to pounce with Lockjaw only to see Statlander counter and hit an axe kick for another two count.

At the end of the match, Baker hit Statlande with the Pittsburgh Sunrise and stomp for a near falls. Statlander had nothing left after the kickout and Baker locked in Lockjaw to get the submission win.


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