Edge and Beth Phoenix beat The Judgment Day at Elimination Chamber

Edge and Beth Phoenix teamed up to take on The Judgment Day’s Rhea Ripley and Finn Balor at Elimination Chamber. The Hall Of Fame couple are out for revenge due to what happened at Extreme Rules.

Edge and Balor started the match before Edge tagged in Phoenix for a double-team. Ripley and Phoenix traded clotheslines with neither woman going down. Ripley looked for Riptide after taking over but Phoenix managed to escape.

Dominik Mysterio tried to distract Phoenix, leading Phoenix to chase him before turning her attention to Ripley, driving her into the ring steps. Mysterio again interfered, crouching Phoenix on the top rope before being chased off by Edge.

Mysterio returned to ringside only to see Edge and Phoenix both locked in submissions but Mysterio tossed brass knuckles in to Ripley for the save. Ripley attempted to hit Phoenix with a Con-chair-to using the ring steps but Phoenix escaped to hit a Glam Slam outside the ring. Back in the ring, Phoenix and Edge hit Balor with a Shatter Machine to win the match.

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