Edge: SmackDown match was his last in Toronto

Edge addressed the WWE SmackDown audience in Toronto, revealing that his match on Friday marked his final appearance in the city.

Following his victory over Sheamus in the SmackDown main event, Edge took the microphone during a post-show promo and shared that due to his deep connection to Toronto, which he considers his hometown having grown up in nearby Orangeville, he doesn’t anticipate having the opportunity to compete in the city again.

Edge said:

“Toronto, what I can say is this is my last time in front of you all. I don’t think I can make it another forum to get here for another match, I’m just being honest with you.”

But don’t let that be a downer. Cuz man, what an experience you all gave me. I will never forget it. And when I’m 84 years old and don’t remember much, you’re damn sure I’m gonna remember this.”

“Thank you.”

Edge refrained from officially declaring his retirement, saying that he intends to focus on recovering his body in the upcoming weeks and speaking about his future with his family:

“I don’t know what the future holds, I really don’t. I’ve got to sit home this week and lick my wounds, talk to my family and see what they want me to do. But what I can say, Toronto, is thank you. Thank you for being the city that I have always been proud to represent, that I’ve always been proud to be announced from. And I came out here in full-on Maple Leafs gear, pandering to all of you.”

“But wherever I make my main residence, this Toronto is always first in my heart. I am Canadian first and foremost, and I am so damn proud of that.

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