Elias announces the end of his current character on Raw

On tonight’s episode of RAW, WWE Superstar Elias teased the end of his current gimmick.

A produced vignette started off with Elias walking with his guitar in his hands as he approached a fire. Then Elias played a short tune and threw his guitar into the fire.

A voiceover from “The Drifter” could be heard saying, “WWE stood for Walk With Elias, but Elias is dead.”

For a long time, Elias was one of the most popular acts with fans in arenas across the country. He even worked with John Cena and The Undertaker back on consecutive nights at WrestleMania 35 and Raw the next evening.

His last WWE TV match was when he lost a “Symphony Of Destruction” match to Jaxson Ryker on the July 19, 2021 episode of RAW.

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