Full WWE Extreme Rules 2022 results

Following weeks of anticipation, Bray Wyatt is back in the WWE making his first appearance in more than a year in the closing moments of the 2022 WWE Extreme Rules premium live event on Saturday night in Philadelphia.

2022 WWE Extreme Rules results

Fight Pit Match
Matt Riddle def. Seth Rollins via submission – Riddle won the match when he leapt off the cage, hitting Rollins with a Floating Bro. Riddle then applied a standing triangle choke. Rollins did everything in his power to wiggle free but was ultimately forced to tap.

After the match, the lights abruptly cut out as Daniel Cormier raised Riddle’s hand in victory. A voice could be heard singing “he’s got the whole world in his hands” and Fireflies filled the arena.

Bray Wyatt, sporting a brand new mask, then walked through the door with his trademark lantern and made his return to the company.

“I Quit” Match
Finn Bálor def. Edge – Edge appeared primed to defeat Balor by utilizing a piece of a steel chair for a crossface submission hold, but Ripley distracted Edge by clocking Phoenix with brass knuckles. Priest and Dominik held down Edge as Balor landed three consecutive Coup de Grâces. The group got an “I quit” out of Edge by threatening to hit his wife with a Con-Chair-To.

Raw Women’s Championship Ladder Match
Bianca Belair def. Bayley – The end of the match came when Belair landed an impressive KOD on Bayley, who was carrying a piece of ladder. Belair climbed the ladder and retrieved the title.

Strap Match
Karrion Kross def. Drew McIntyre – Scarlett blinded McIntyre by spraying his eyes with pepper spray. A compromised McIntyre was helpless as Kross clocked him with a fight-ending Kross Hammer forearm to the back of the head.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Extreme Rules Match 
Ronda Rousey def. Liv Morgan NEW CHAMPION – At the end of the match, Rousey had a chokehold on Liv. Morgan passed out as the referee called for the bell.

Six-Man Tag Team Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match
The Brawling Brutes def. Imperium – The match’s closing moments saw Sheamus crash GUNTHER through the announcer’s table with a Celtic Cross. A Brogue Kick to Vinci locked in a much-needed win for the Brutes.


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