Goldberg Open to One Last Match, But Must Get Torn Rotator Cuff Taken Care of First

In the world of professional wrestling, few names resonate as powerfully as Goldberg. Known for his intense persona, incredible strength, and unparalleled winning streak in WCW, Goldberg has done it all in the ring.

In a recent interview with Busted Open Radio, Goldberg expressed his interest in having one final match to cap off his multi-decade wrestling career. However, the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion acknowledged that this can’t happen until he addresses a torn rotator cuff, an injury he first sustained in 2016.

“I’d love to, dude, 100 percent,” Goldberg told Busted Open Radio when discussing a potential last match:

“But I have to get my torn rotator cuff taken care of finally because, we all live with these injuries, right? And I’ll come out and say it: When I came back with Brock [Lesnar], and nobody ever knew this, that first night in Denver, I blew my rotator cuff completely, and I never told anybody about it. I kept working through it because you work sparingly, once, twice a year. So I can crescendo and I can get as strong as I can. I ain’t doing shit until I get that done, and that’s hopefully coming up. I’m doing stem cells here soon, and then I’m gonna see if surgery’s needed. But yeah, man. I’d love to have one more match. You know how it is. Vince [McMahon] and I spoke about it, and he gave me his word, but all that stuff happened … But yeah, I would absolutely love to have that final match, I would. Am I good not having it? Yeah, I’m fine with it. But it’d be neat to have it.”

When discussing a potential final match, the 57-year-old explained that he is open to performing in any promotion, not just the WWE:

“It wouldn’t have to be with anyone, I could do it myself and get accomplished what I wanted to accomplish,” he said. “I could do the promotion myself overseas, do it in Israel, do it in India, do it in Japan, maybe do one in the states. I don’t know. I’ve thought about a lot of things, but you have seen me, I’ve put my life on hold the last 18 years with my son. Everybody’s like, ‘Why’d you lose so much weight?’ Well, I’ve lost so much weight because every night at the dinner table when there’s four steaks I give him three and I take one. My life has completely been predicated upon getting my son in a situation to where the next part of his life, hopefully he’s prepared for. Now my son is gone, and he’s been gone for two, three weeks, and I’ve kind of turned back into me a little bit. [Whether it’s] Good, bad, or indifferent. Mainly good besides it’s making me fill my time with stuff not worrying about what the hell my son’s doing and whether he needs me or not and what’s going on. So I’m picking Muay Thai up again, I’m training again, I’m eating again, I’m taking care of myself. I’m doing things that I haven’t done in so long. You never know, you never say never. You know as wrestlers we never retire until you’re dead.”

For now, Goldberg’s focus remains on his recovery, but the possibility of seeing him in the ring one last time may happen.

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