Gunther retains the IC Title at Survivor Series

Gunther defeated The Miz via submission to retain the title.

The match kicked off with Miz taking the fight to Gunther, landing a flurry of chops and strikes. Miz’s quick thinking allowed him to outsmart Gunther by ducking from the ring and then attacking Gunther’s legs with a vicious figure-four around the ring post. Miz attempted a maneuver from the top rope, but Gunther countered with a powerful kick, halting Miz’s momentum.

Gunther then unleashed a series of his signature chops and a German suplex, effectively squashing Miz’s comeback attempt. However, Miz refused to give up and fought off Gunther’s powerbomb attempt, responding with an extended series of kicks into Gunther’s torso. Miz’s resurgence was short-lived as Gunther regained control, yanking the pad off the turnbuckle. Miz capitalized on the distraction, delivering two low blows and a Skull-Crushing Finale for a near-fall.

Miz went for another Skull-Crushing Finale, but Gunther countered with a sleeper hold. Miz countered the sleeper by running Gunther into the exposed turnbuckle, followed by reversing the sleeper into a pin for another close call. Gunther rallied back, hitting a top-rope splash onto Miz’s back and then locking in a Boston crab, driving a knee into the back to force the submission.

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