Gunther wins the King of the Ring Tournament

In the King of the Ring Finals between Gunther and Randy Orton, the match began with an extended collar and elbow tie-up, indicating a slow, methodical pace favored by Orton. Both wrestlers alternated working on each other’s arms, with Orton gaining an early advantage by locking in a side headlock and executing a shoulder tackle. Gunther retaliated with a series of chops, but Orton countered with right hands and a series of European uppercuts, dropping Gunther.

Gunther targeted Orton’s back with forearms and a body slam, stalling Orton’s comebacks. A struggle for suplex control ensued, with Orton eventually landing the move but taking further punishment from Gunther. Orton managed to hit a powerslam and his signature hanging DDT, preparing for an RKO. However, Gunther countered, delivering a body slam and a top rope splash for a near fall. Gunther missed a second splash, allowing Orton to hit an RKO, but Gunther rolled out of the ring before a pin attempt.

Outside, Orton dropped Gunther on the commentary desk multiple times, but Gunther regained control by dropkicking Orton’s knee as he tried to reenter the ring. Gunther targeted Orton’s knee further and locked in a half crab. Orton broke free and hit another RKO, but Gunther kicked out and attacked Orton’s knee. Gunther then secured a win with a crucifix pin, despite one of Orton’s shoulders being off the mat.

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