Hangman Page Posts Announcement After Winning AEW World Championship

Hangman Page posted a funny fake press release to celebrate his AEW World Championship win at Full Gear.

His announcements include:

  • Nov. 17 is now National Cowboy Shit Day.
  • He will study the vegan diet to combat Bryan Danielson.
  • As Champion, he will welcome all challangers, although he asks to please not fight Wardlow and his “big muscle tits” again.
  • With the bonus payment that comes with winning the AEW World Championship, he will trade in his truck for an electric vehicle with steer horns attached to the front.

Hangman Page won the AEW world title in the main event of Full Gear, defeating Kenny Omega and putting an end to his 346-day title reign.

Page became just the fourth person to hold the belt since its creation in August 2019, and looks to take his place as the top star in AEW.

You can read the full “press release” below:

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