IYO SKY Cashes in MITB Briefcase, Wins WWE Women’s Championship

Next match at WWE SummerSlam was the Triple threat match featuring the WWE Women’s Champion Asuka, Charlotte Flair, and Bianca Belair.

Throughout the match, there were handsprings, counters, and unleashed hard strikes, each women trying to outdo the other in a battle of skills. Unlike typical triple-threat matches where one superstar recovers outside while two engage, this bout was brimming with dynamic flurries featuring all three women.

The match reached a high when Flair soared through the sky, executing a moonsault from the top rope to the ringside, landing on Belair. Unfortunately, Belair’s journey took a dramatic turn when she hit the steel steps hard, resulting in a storyline knee injury. Medical staff escorted her backstage, leaving Asuka and Flair to continue their fight.

With Flair closing in on victory, trapping the champion in a Figure Eight lock, Belair limped back into the ring, climbed the ropes, and executed a stunning 450 splash on Flair. As the climax unfolded, Asuka utilized poison mist, blinding Flair while she had Belair trapped. Seizing the opportunity, Belair dodged Asuka’s kick and rolled her up for the decisive three-count, claiming the victory.

Following the match, chaos ensued as Bayley and Iyo Sky holding the Money in the Bank briefcase, seized the opportunity and viciously assaulted Belair. With the element of surprise, SKY wasted no time and cashed in the briefcase. Sky then executed her moonsault finisher, securing the victory and capturing the title.

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