Jey Uso challenges Roman Reigns to a match

At the end of Smackdown, Reigns was in the ring telling the New York City crowd to Acknowledge him. The crowd then erupted when Jey Uso’s music played, and he made his entrance through the audience.

Jey wasted no time and immediately launched an attack on Sikoa, slamming him against the ring post. In a fit of rage, Jey grabbed a chair and repeatedly struck Reigns with it, forcing him to retreat up the ramp. Jey didn’t stop there and continued his assault on Sikoa, striking him multiple times with the chair.

Jey then seized the Undisputed WWE title that Reigns had left behind in the ring. Holding the microphone, he declared himself to be the judge, jury, and executioner. Jey said that it was now a trial by combat, issuing a direct challenge to Reigns for a one-on-one match. He warned Reigns that he better accept the challenge so that Jey could prove once again that he could beat him.

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