Jim Ross announces that he is cancer free

Legendary pro wrestling announcer Jim Ross has been undergoing radiation treatment after being diagnosed with skin cancer on his ankle in October 2021.

Jim Ross took to Twitter today to share the good news that he is cancer free.

The 69-year-old Ross was diagnosed with skin cancer after having a CT scan done for an issue on his leg that he had been dealing with for more than a year.

In 2016, Ross was diagnosed with skin cancer for the first time and underwent surgery to have it removed. He then underwent surgery again in 2018 to have the last remaining bit of skin cancer removed from his shoulder.

Ross is one of the greatest announcers in wrestling history and was the voice behind some of the biggest moments during WWE’s Attitude Era. He signed with AEW as a commentator and senior advisor following the promotion’s launch in 2019 and has been part of the commentary team for AEW Dynamite every Wednesday.

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