Jim Ross provides health update

In the latest episode of the “Grilling JR” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross shared an update on his health. Following a fall before the debut edition of AEW Collision, Ross has taken time off to recover.

Jim Ross revealed that he continues to contend with the aftermath of his bout with skin cancer in 2021, and his doctors have expressed concerns regarding potential infection risks if he were to travel at this time. As a result, his comeback plans are temporarily on hold until his health improves and he receives medical clearance.

Ross said, “I don’t have any timetable on returning to work. I gotta get better. I can’t start traveling again. They’re worried about infection and being on an airplane or an airport with an open wound is not ideal to say the least. It’ll work out. I’m positive, I’m optimistic, and I want to get back to work. I want to get back at the booth doing something. I don’t know if I’m going back on Collision. My debut on Collision was not very auspicious because of my voice, which I still don’t get. It’s interesting. The doctor said he thought it might be I’m stressed why I’m losing my voice. I said that’s a weird analogy. The stress being because of my illness. I got a lot to be thankful for and it’s all gonna be good. You just got to make a good, man.”

Despite his health concerns, Ross remains optimistic about making a comeback to AEW at the highly anticipated All In event at Wembley Stadium in London. “I really want to make Wembley but right now, that’s what it is, I don’t know if I can but boy, I hope so. I don’t want to say I have a target date but you gotta have some kind of goal, so Wembley is my goal, Ross said.”

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